[Humor] Bosses

Jim C. Nasby jim at nasby.net
Fri Apr 8 12:40:25 GMT 2005

What's the dumbest thing a boss has ever said to you? 

1. My supervisor at a government agency said to me, "You should have
expected that you would be sexually harrassed when you applied to work
here . I don't know why you are complaining about it."
Submitted by: Lola

2. I said to my boss during a dispute, "...but sir, it clearly states in
our contract...." at which point he cut me off by saying, "What's in
that contract is none of your business!"
Submitted by: Marta

3. Graphics dept. moved to new bldg. 4 miles from main bldg. Scanning
person not moved & orig. art stayed in old bldg. Reason: "All our art is
done electronically!" Now every piece must be brought back & forth by
Submitted by: Fed Up with Jerks

4. We were giving our boss a hard time about some names he screwed up -
which is a common thing.....his reply was "So I'm stupid...that's why
I'm a MANAGER!" and yes, he was serious!
Submitted by: jake

5. My boss once said, in the most sincere tone to a struggling sales
person: "You throw enough bobbers in the water, you are bound to catch
something". Last time I checked, bobbers don't actually to the
Submitted by: Sue

6. In a meeting to prepare for our upcoming physical inventory, our VP
was informed that one of the warehouse clerks would be absent because
her mother had died. Looking annoyed, he asked, "Why, were they close?"
Submitted by: J

7. Worked for a machine tool supply company over 30 years ago. Still
remember the owner (he lived above the store/warehouse) telling me that
he taped every conversation that took place all over his building...he
was drunk at the time.
Submitted by: Stavros

8. I had a boss once tell me I was being "disloyal to my Unit" because
other people in the office were talking (not with me I knew nothing of
the conversation)ab-out how I would be the best qualified for a job
opening in another unit that would be an advancement for me.
Submitted by: Kathy L

9. I had a boss tell me once if I was any good at giving back massages,
I might be worth keeping around....I was gone a month later.
Submitted by: Sheila L.

10. My former boss loves to play Mr. Caring, 'take care of yourself,
your health and safety is more important that the job.' Yet he was
furious when several employees chose to stay home during a hurricane,
instead of attempting the drive into the office. Glad I left!
Submitted by: Quit

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